The board has retained the services of Masha Faynberg, designer to assist us in colour selection for the staining of the complex to be done in the spring.


Masha has presented 3 suggestions for the unit owners to consider and has also made a couple of suggestions for future updates including number and lighting change as well as stucco freshening.


Our immediate concern would be to get feedback from the owners for the trim + siding colours based on the suggestions presented by Masha.


After consideration of the owner response, the board will decide on final colours selection and present to Stratford Price for spring application.


Questions should be directed through Karen Luff kluff@smithagency.ca for board discussion.


The final response date is Monday, April 22.

Option 1


Keep the original colour without changing. Use Sherwin-Williams paints.

image 6.jpg

Option 2


Use 2 tones of brown colour

SW7522+SW6069 Sherwin-Williams:



Option 1



Option 3


Use 2 tones of grey colour

SW6075+SW6074 Sherwin-Williams: