I am very lucky cause I have a job that I love, that brings me satisfaction. For more than 10 years I have been creating cozy and beautiful interiors for my clients.

      My projects vary from creating interior designs for apartments, houses and guest houses to restaurants, cafes, private contact zoo, offices, etc.

      I was born and raised in Russia. I graduated Russian State Textile University of Kosygin, with an MA as advertising artist. I studied interior design in school «Detali», awarded by the professional Architectural Digest as one of the five best world-wide schools of interior desings. Most influential and successful designers of nowadays graduated the School.

      I create everything with great love and respect to my clients.

      I am convinced that interior design isn’t about trends styles, colors, furniture or shapes. I believe that it is the reflection of clients’ emotions, life style, preferences, memories through furniture pieces and color solutions. Design helps to create cozy and warm ambience from client’s chaotic and inconsistent wishes.

      I understand that interior design is quite expensive. However, I strongly believe that whether it is a house or an apartment in a luxurious neighborhood, it should be beautiful and comfortable. Regardless of the budget, I approach each project professionally and individually.

      I think that from the first moments designer-client tandem must bring joy and satisfaction to both parties. Work on a project lasts for a long time. Any day of the journey can bring either happiness and joy, or difficulties and stressful moments. Trust in the professional you have chosen will help you find the best-possible solutions in unexpected situations and will leave only pleasant memories

      Thankful to mutual work built on trust and respect, each project brings me not only incredible positive energy and desire to keep on creating, but also new friends and experiences.

      I am incredibly grateful to my clients for the trust and belief in me and my work. I am grateful that you and your grown-up kids come back to me with new apartments, houses and ideas for your new business. You motivate me for constant professional development.

      I am not afraid of difficult tasks and don’t betray my ideas even if their execution requires extra knowledge, efforts and time.

Thank you so much, my dear clients!

Masha Faynberg Interior designer